Northwood Town Cricket Club - COVID

COVID ECB: Risk Assessment NTCC Final.docx

Playing cricket at NTCC  will be zero tolerance on flouting any rules around keeping safe and keeping cricket available at NTCC, flouting of rules if reported will mean games can and will be stopped immediately and players not allowed to play cricket until they fully understand what is being asked of them as an NTCC player. Captains and Vice-Captains can ask for players to leave the field of play immediately. Please respect the safety of your team mates, captains and opposition, if you are unsure of something please seek clarification from your captain or vice-captain or from one of the committee members.

For the avoidance of doubt

1s skipper: Akshay

1s Vice: Krunal

2s skipper: Ravi

2s Vice: Pradip

3s skipper: Ajay

3s Vice: Abdul

Sunday skipper: JB

Committee members: Dave, Jesant, Kishan, Veer, Jack, Adam, Rob and Prax

We all have a role to keep each other safe. To represent NTCC you will need to follow government advice, ECB advice, our league advice and any rules imposed by NTCC to keep our members safe, our community safe and our opposition safe.

  • If you are feeling unwell, have even a mild symptom of coronavirus such as a cough or have been in contact with someone who has been recently diagnosed with coronavirus, please DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE for selection until you have completed the necessary self-isolation. The consequences of someone playing for the club when infected can lead to the entire team and their families - and the opposition's team and families - being required to isolate for 14 days and undergo testing. This is a disaster we hope to avoid. If in doubt, please leave yourself out - and list yourself as unavailable until you are 100% sure you are not carrying the virus.
  • If you feel unwell at any stage you should inform your captain. If its pre-game its your captains role to find someone to replace your place in the team. If its during the game then walk away to a safe space and let the captain know and make your way home safely.
  • Attached are a series of documents from ECB about playing, please read and understand it all. There are offence levels and implications to playing cricket which can lead to suspensions and I think some may even have criminal consequences. Key call outs
    • No sweat or saliva to be used on the cricket ball
    • No spitting, there will be a break every 6 overs to have a drink and to sanitize your hands.
    • Ball to be passed directly back to the bowler and not passed from fielder to fielder. In most situations the ball is thrown to the keeper, the keeper can then pass the ball back to the bowler. If a fielder gathers the ball near the bowler then pass it directly back to the bowler.
    • Keepers – I suggest you sanitise the outside of your gloves as best you can in intervals.
    • Getting to away games – please make your own arrangements of getting to opposition grounds. Please do not expect skippers to arrange travel or push team mate to take you to the game. Please follow government guidelines for safe travel.
    • No sharing of equipment. I know in the past some players have shared a box, gloves, shoes, pads, helmets, whites, socks etc but this is now socially not acceptable, again please follow the ECB guidelines attached.
    • No forcing or pushing anyone to play. This is bullying and if someone is not able to play for medical reasons or because they are protecting a loved one then there is nothing worse than being made to feel awkward. Please respect one another.
    • If you develop symptoms please follow government guidelines and inform me so we can take appropriate action to keep members safe and if required let opposition know too.


Game day items

  • The club house is shut for anything other than the toilets. Under no circumstance should anyone be in the clubhouse including if it rains.
  • Please bring your own food and drinks. Bring enough food and water to last you the whole day. There is no drinking water facilities at the club.
  • The kitchen in the club house is shut and should not be used
  • Toilets in the club house – ladies toilets are now unisex. Only two people can be in the clubhouse using the toilet at any stage, one in gents and one in unisex. Please wait outdoors until its safe to go in. Please keep toilets clean. All paper handwipes to be put in the bin not dropped on floor.
  • Please arrive in your whites
  • No changing rooms are available
  • No shower facilities
  • Bring extra clothes to keep dry or to changing into should it rain or get cold
  • Bring a large umbrella / waterproofs – if there is rain and play is stopped please return to your car or remain under your umbrella until play is resumed. Do not go into the club house or huddle in small areas.  Suggest to bring large waterproof bag to keep your kit bag dry.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser which you can use in the break every 6 overs
  • Bring something to sit on. The bar stools, and bar chairs are not to be used at all. We only have a limited amount of plastic chairs which may need to be split across two pitches.
  • There are no umpire coats or counters. Please wear sensible clothing you can umpire in, could be just your whites. As for counters please ask the scorer if you do lose count.
  • Its your responsibility to bin your rubbish at the end of the game, please leave the grounds tidy and as you would like to find it when you turn up to play.
  • Follow the captains pre and post game jobs. At times you will be asked to do jobs in-between. If you are not happy to do any then please speak to captain who can facilitate job swaps. If we find a particular XI/player cant complete jobs then we will have to stop games for that XI or players until rules are lifted.
  • There is a hygiene break every 6 overs or 20minutes. Please during this time sanitise your hands as per guidelines attached and respect time keeping in getting the game going again. This is not a cigarette break or a opportunity to halt the game unnecessarily. I suspect in a league environment there will be time limits on completing an innings and valuable points can be lost due to this.
  • If any of your friends or family come to watch please remind them there are no toilet facilities and if they happen to venture into the club house they will need to sign in. Please remind them to keep socially distant from other players / spectators
  • If you see anything that is not right please report to your skipper or to committee member asap. If there is something you would like to see done to further safe guard our membership please please reach out.
  • Scorers – please sanitise your hands when swapping. It has been requested of skippers to ask two people to bulk of the scoring to minimise number of people touching the scorebook and pen.
  • Please use the sanitiser to wipe down all surfaces – ie chairs and tables when sitting down.
  • Parking – please double park in our carpark leaving atleast a few cars that can get away in an emergency. Do not block in footballers cars or those of the opposition.
  • Turn up on time to do all pre-match duties
  • Captains will give you general areas to stand in and keep your kit bags they will do the same for the opposition.
  • Celebrations and seeing your team mates for the first time after ages – I know some have missed each other tremendously and it can be emotional to see someone after along time or getting an amazing wicket. Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands or kissing. Please follow government guidelines and keep socially distant.
  • Match fees – at home games please pay by card or speak to your skipper about paying. Away games please speak to skipper as to how they want the payment so the skipper can make payment to the club. If match levy is not paid then you cannot be selected for next game.
  • If safe to do so we will open a temporary bar outside our clubhouse with bottle drinks, these can only be paid for via debit or credit card. No tabs will be allowed. Again please put all your rubbish in the bins provided.
  • There is no safe for valuables. Please do not bring valuables to games and maybe look at how you can lock your kit bag.
  • Take your kit bag home. Any bags/equipment left in the clubhouse or sheds will be binned during the cleaning process.