Northwood Town Cricket Club News story

Race Night - Sat 24th June 8pm!

12 May 2017

Dear all, we have a Race Night at the club on Saturday24th June at 8pm.

Always an enjoyable and lively social event at Northwood Town, horses are now available to be bought for £5 each and races can be sponsored for £20. If your horse wins, you're in the money! Of course, a huge part of the fun is naming your horses. Nothing too libellous please! 

On the night, you can bet on the horses - and if your favoured equine is first past the post, you're quids in! Even if putting money on horses isn't your thing, the night is a great excuse for all elements of Northwood Town to join up and support the club.

 All profits from the Race Night go back to the club and are so vital in keeping us afloat and being able to improve facilities for all our members - young and old, on the pitch and off the pitch. Friends and family more than welcome - the bar will be open.

To buy a horse or sponsor a race:

Please email: 

Or if you're at the club, please speak to Jack Daly or one of the skippers. 

When it comes to our Race Night, we only want to hear your yay not your neigh!