Northwood Town Cricket Club - Top Tier

The History of Top Tier - and how to join

Northwood Town Cricket Club has run Top Tier since the 1980s when the new pavilion was built and we found ourselves on the ‘top tier’ of the building.

The lottery style scheme has undoubtedly been the life-blood of the club and members include both current members of the club and former members who are keen to help keep the club progressing

The scheme

Each unit is worth £5 a month and members can buy as many units as they wish.  The more units purchased the better the chance of winning.

The draw

The draw is made on a monthly basis and winners are posted on our website:

Do not worry if you miss the draw, your winnings will be posted to you

The prizes

There is a monthly prize of £50 whilst twice a year (summer and Christmas) a special £300 draw is made.

How to join?

Simply fill in the details on the form  and return it to David Harding via email (  You will automatically be entered into the next draw.

Need further information?

Contact David Harding - 

Recent Winners

January - Fozan Haji

December  - Krunal Patel
November - Phil Carter
July - Ravi Ramawat
June - Rob Fanner
May - Adam & Cheryl Shaw
April - Neil Furmenger
March - Keval Shah
February - Bill Sherry
January - Abdul Firfire

December - Mike Lister
November - Abdul Firfire
October - Dom Whyley
September - Keval Shah
August - Krunal Patel
July - Ravi Kotecha
June - Pervez Irani