Northwood Town Cricket Club - Code of Conduct

The club standards are set out in the club Code of Conduct which all players are expected to adhere to. In addition to the Code of Conduct, we set out some expectations and basic standards expected of all playing members of Northwood Town Cricket Club. By each member acknowledging and conforming to the points below, we can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at the club.

Training Sessions


-     Players are expected to attend pre-season indoor nets and any outdoor training sessions that are held at the club during the season. Attendance is essential to improve your performance on match days and a good record of attendance at nets will be taken into account during team selection.



-     You are expected to provide your availability for upcoming fixtures to your team captain as soon as possible. Teams for the following weekend will be selected on Saturday evenings

-     If you know you cannot turn up punctually for the meet time, you must inform your captain as soon as possible. This should not be a regularly occurrence as meet times are there for a reason.

-     Captains will advise players regarding selection on the Monday/ Tuesday prior to the game.

-     Occasionally there are exceptional circumstances, we accept that, but please be aware that late withdrawals from matches cause significant problems for the club. Do not let down your teammates or put your future selection in doubt.


Match Day 

-     You are expected to behave impeccably towards umpires, scorers, tea people, spectators, the opposition and fellow teammates. The club will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour. The club reserves the right to suspend or ban any player who transgresses in this way.

-     You must arrive no later than one hour before the match for home games and arrive promptly for the designated meet time for away fixtures. In the event that you wish to travel direct to away fixtures then prior notification must be given to the captain

-     You should be well turned out for league fixtures and ideally in a NTCC club shirt.

-     For home fixtures, allow the opposition to take their cricket teas first - and please remember to thank whoever has made and served the teas.  

-     You are expected  to pro-actively contribute to pre-match, during match and post-match jobs (sightscreens, rope, stumps, scoring, umpiring etc) without being asked. If you are unsure as to what to do, offer your help to your captain.

      -    All match day jobs must be carried out whether or not there is a fixture on the following day.

-    It is your responsibility to keep the clubhouse clean and tidy, please take pride in our club.


The Social Side


Make every effort to attend club social events. They take place for your benefit and are the life-blood of the club.

A post-match drink with your team-mates and the  opposition is part of what makes cricket great. We look forward to seeing you, your friends and your family in the bar.


And Finally…


Northwood Town Cricket Club is what we make it and there are always things that can be improved. Your suggestions and contributions are always welcome and will be appreciated. Please visit the Officials page on the website to contact the relevant person.