Northwood Town Cricket Club News story


29 Jan 2019

The 45th AGM at NTCC was held on Friday 25th January 2019. 

The evening was well attended with members old and new to review the 2018 season and look forward to the summer of 2019. Officials were elected and although many positions continued to be held by the same official as 2018, we did welcome some new faces to the committee as well as some existing officials volunteering for more roles including:

- Sumeet Khetia: Commercial Secretary
- Ajay Lal: 3rd Team Captain
- Ravi Ramawat: Fixture Sec
* The full list can be found under the officials section of the website.

Finally, their needed to be some recognition following a successful 2018 with some very hard workers behind the scenes.

Jack Daly won the Hayne Award with his great work in the colts section as well as all the other work he does including helping with clubhouse hires, grant applications, social events and the list goes on. 

Ravi Ramawat deservedly won the Chairmans Award not because of his work as captain but his fantastic work as club treasurer putting in place procedures and reporting that makes the club finances understandable and transparent to all of the committee. On top of this he was essential in pushing through the new scorebox purchase as well as helping with the many, many other things at the club.