Northwood Town Cricket Club News story

Northwood Town and Waitrose

11 Nov 2010

We are delighted to report that Waitrose (Northwood) have chosen to support us in December as one of their 'community matters' partners.

What does this mean?

Every month Waitrose select three local community causes and allow shoppers to select one of the causes by giving them tokens to drop in one of the boxes.  The tokens at the end of the month are divvied up and money is divided between the three causes by the amount of tokens in their box.  i.e. the more tokens in our box, the more cash we get!

Our cause?

The committee have decided to install an articificial pitch at the ground as a first step in resurrecting a colts section and to support the third team that will be playing league cricket next season.

A grant will pay for some of it, but more cash is needed for installation.  This will help towards that.

What can you do?

I would urge all Northwood residents to shop in Waitrose in December and every token you pick up, please drop into our box.

And PLEASE do forward this to any friends or family that shop in Northwood so we have as many people on the case as possible.

In the current economic environment we are not going to get a better way to raise free money for the club.  So I would urge you to make the effort.  I will make no apology for sending regular reminders in December!