Northwood Town Cricket Club News story

Peter Spencer

28 Oct 2013

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that our President Peter Spencer died on Thursday, October 24.

Without Peter and his immeasurable and selfless efforts, there would be no Northwood Town Cricket Club. He devoted a huge chunk of his life to ensuring his beloved club survived through many tough times, serving on numerous committees in various key roles over the forty years since NTCC was founded. He is owed a huge deal of gratitude by everyone at the club, past and present.

Peter was a friendly, warm and supportive man who would always have time to discuss cricketing matters on and off the pitch; offer encouragement, help and ideas; and embody an unflappable spirit that inspired others around him. Along with wife Jane, who our thoughts and prayers are with during this difficult period, Peter was responsible for what many consider to be the best cricket teas in the league.

There are so many areas which need to be covered when it comes to paying tribute to Peter Spencer and his contribution to Northwood Town CC, and we will be publishing a more in-depth celebration of his life and selfless deeds in the near future. No words can really do justice to all that he did for the club and what he meant to so many.

RIP Peter Spencer - the epitome of a great clubman