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Peter Spencer - Your Tributes

28 Oct 2013

Northwood Town Cricket Club President and Life Member Peter Spencer passed away on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at the age of 87.

The affectionate tributes from club members past and present show the extremely high regard Peter was held in:

"So sad to hear the news of Peter's death. I was introduced to Peter back in 1957 when the club was then Northwood Hills Cricket Club and throughout the years that followed I found a true advocate, he always had time for backing any young person that joined the gang and spent so much time making sure that the club was the best run in the area. Never mind the teas, the committee meetings, social events and of course the cricket... there was Peter working hard for us all. I think that I can say that my family will back me on what I have said...Steven, Paul, their Dad Les  - especially Les, who probably knew Peter longer than most of you now with the club. Memories are what we have to hold on to of a very special person."

Janet Heward

"As I do, I know there are many who have reason to recall the kindness and caring shown by Peter. So often he would stop by to spend time with my late husband Cyril Fox, a long serving member of Northwood Town Cricket Club - and this was the highlight of his otherwise mundane life."

Doreen Fox

"So sorry to hear the news of Peter's passing. NTCC wouldn't be here today without Peter's selfless dedication over many, many years. All our thoughts are with Jane at this time."

Robin Piper

"NTCC has lost a special clubman and loyal supporter who gave decades of selfless commitment to the club he loved.  I will never forget his kind words and support when I was club captain and the delight he took in seeing us do well. He was ever present through all the good and bad times, such a lovely man, and his generous spirit will be sorely missed."

Raj Ahluwalia

"Ever since I was a toddler watching my dad play for Northwood Hills in the 60s, Peter Spencer has been around our club. The place won't be the same without him. The Ultimate Clubman. RIP."

Phil Carter

"Peter and Jane worked tirelessly for NTCC and Peter's passing is indeed a great loss for the club and Jane. I always remember when i brought my wife Gill to the club for the first time, it was one of the Good Friday bashes and they both made her feel very welcome and Gill has never forgotten this.
"My first game for the club back in 1979 was for the thirds at Harrow Town, Peter was playing and once again made me feel at home and of course we won, will always remember Peter."

Mike Luscombe

"Rest in Peace Peter... selfless to both club and community as a whole always volunteering and helping others."

Richard Robbins

"Peter was a real gentleman who did so much for NTCC. As a junior I played my first senior games in the 4th team with Pete and he was always a guiding hand. He was a constant on the committees and when the politics were happening around him, he always showed a calm authority. Above all else, he was a really kind man who took an interest in everyone, young or old."

Aidan Pimm

"Such sad news. Peter was such a lovely man and so loved NTCC. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with Jane."

Lynda and Nigel Lewis

"A true Northwood Town legend. Such sad news."

Neil Dudley

"Peter was a friendly, warm and supportive man who would always have time for everyone and constantly offered encouragement, help and ideas. He embodied an unflappable spirit that inspired others around him. Without his immeasurable and selfless efforts, there would be no Northwood Town Cricket Club. The memory of Peter Spencer will live on…"

Ben Rawson-Jones

"A great man. I remember I split my head open and he took me up to Mount Vernon. Missed lunch with Jane and spent 5 hours with me."

Simon Woodward

"He was a great man and cared so much for the club. He was a great support to me as club captain and the most loyal supporter you could wish for. It's an immeasurable loss for us all, not to mention the club. I will miss him very much."

David Bushnell

"Peter was such a lovely person."

Sandra Hills

"Very sad news about Peter. A fine man in every way… our thoughts are with Jane at this time for her great loss."

Brian and Ruth Hallett

"I think I'll always remember Peter best for his deadpan and lugubrious 'gallows' humour!  For instance, I performed at a few 'entertainment' evenings at the Club in the late 90s - mostly mournful folk-ballads and Scottish smallpipe-tunes from the traditional repertoire. I hardly ever met Peter after that where he failed to open the conversation with, 'Played any more funerals, lately?'!  He must've had the second sight, however, because I HAVE piped at several since then!!!"

Brent Young

"So sorry to hear. Thoughts with his family and friends."

Tarang Katira

"Very sad news indeed. Although I did not speak to Peter much, it is clear that he was a great man who was selfless in his duties, towards every aspect of life as well as for the cricket club."

Nishil Mapara

"One of the good guys"

Gavin Botten

"My earliest memory of Peter - it was in 1975 and my first game for the 3rd X1. Opening the batting were Peter Spencer and Andy West.Other members of that side were Carl Fountain, Malcolm Deutrom, Brian Amey and Gerry Crossley - to name but a few. A very pedestrian opening partnership was the order of the day, on that particular occasion."

Alan Piper

"His approach and commitment during his life is indeed an inspiration for us all."

Michael Lister

"A sad loss of a kind man I have known for over 30 years."

Colin Lynch

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